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Maximum Functionality and Comfort

American Kitchen & Bath offers you its exclusive lines of closets and dressing rooms which have been specially designed to increase the versatility, functionality, and comfort of your home.


Our closets and dressing rooms stand out for their great capacity to achieve perfect organization within the most intimate spaces of your home and thus make your life easier.



AK&B has two exclusive lines of closets and dressing rooms:


1. Collection of Predesigned Closets and Dressing Rooms

This exclusive line is the ideal solution for those looking to have a high-quality closet or dressing room, with an innovative design, at an affordable price and immediate delivery.


Our Predesigned Closets and Dressing Rooms have been developed taking into account the most modern design trends, as well as the highest standards of quality, functionality, and construction.


Likewise, this collection offers a wide range of finishes and colors so you can create your closet in a very personalized way and follow the style and design of your home.


2. Custom-made Collection of Closets and Dressing Rooms

AK&B also offers you closet and dressing room solutions specifically designed to satisfy your most demanding tastes and needs.


This is the ideal solution for those people who want to have a unique, original, and high-quality closet or dressing room.


At AK&B we use top-quality materials and products to design and manufacture our exclusive lines of closets and dressing rooms, thus guaranteeing their durability and resistance.


The doors and panels of our exclusive collections are made with premium textured wood panels, 100% formaldehyde-free.


Additionally, the unique double-panel design increases the overall aesthetic appeal of our closets and dressers.


The wide range of finishing options includes white or lacquered in 20 different colors.

CD9 copy.jpg


Our collections of Closets and Dressing Rooms use the highest technology and quality hardware, which guarantees the optimal functioning and durability of doors and drawers, as well as any other component where hardware is used.


This high-quality hardware increases the elegance and functionality of all our projects and makes the use of your closets much more pleasant.


At AK&B we also offer you a wide range of special accessories to personalize your closets and dressing rooms based on your specific needs and tastes:

• Lightning

• Automation systems

• Special handles

• Baskets, Hooks, and Storage Accessories


These special accessories increase the elegance and functionality of your closets and dressing rooms, and make your closets much more personal and pleasant.

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