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American Kitchen & Bath offers you the most exclusive and innovative Outdoor Kitchens and Indoor Kitchens custom-made.

As well, as a wide selection of vanities and bathroom accessories, Closets, Pergolas, Shades, and Blinds from the USA, Europe, and Asia.


American Kitchen & Bath is a leading expert in designing, manufacturing, and marketing high-end kitchens for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Our commitment lies in creating custom-made kitchens that cater to the unique needs of each client.

Outdoor Kitchens:

Our outdoor kitchens stand out as the only ones in the US that feature an innovative patented aluminum structure, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance.

Indoor Kitchens:

For interior kitchens, we offer the choice of our exclusive patented aluminum structure or synthetic wood structures, all crafted with the utmost quality.

All our kitchens boast impeccable finishes, high-quality fittings, and a selection of appliances from renowned brands.

Additionally, we provide functional accessories and appliances to enhance the overall kitchen experience.

Bathroom Vanities and Accessories:

American Kitchen & Bath also specializes in transforming and enhancing intimate spaces within your home, such as bathrooms.


We offer exclusive lines of imported bathroom furniture and accessories from Europe and Asia.

Our custom-made vanities, manufactured in the USA, meet the highest standards of quality, durability, and design.


Our range includes:

  • Bathroom Vanities Imported from Europe

  • Bathroom Vanities Made to Design in the USA

  • Faucets

  • Mirrors

  • Showers


Our Pergolas are designed to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting durability, ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor space for years to come.

  • Maximum Durability

  • Aluminum Structure

  • Modern Design

  • Custom-Made

  • Delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks*

  • Highest Quality Materials

  • Premium Accessories


Shades & Blinds

Simple and functional Outdoor Roller Blinds
They give you the ability to control light, wind, and rain.

The perfect solution to fully enjoy your terrace or garden with your family and friends.

  • Maximum Durability

  • Custom-Made

  • Delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks*

  • Highest Quality Materials

  • Premium Accessories


American Kitchen & Bath offers you the most exclusive and functional closets, whether prefabricated or custom-designed.

All of them are designed to provide you with maximum comfort and optimal use of your spaces.

We use premium textured wood panels, 100% formaldehyde free.

As well as cutting-edge, high-quality hardware, lighting, and accessories.

We understand the significance of paying attention to every detail, as it contributes to creating unique and captivating environments.


In addition to providing top-notch products, we offer consulting and interior design services to ensure the best possible outcomes for your projects.

We are eager to assist you and turn your home ideas into reality.

Please feel free to contact us and discover how we can make your home more enjoyable.

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